This is the second of what will be five installments describing film festivals in the Hudson River Valley.

The region’s second film festival this year, the Woodstock Museum Film Festival, began just two days after the conclusion of the Monroe festival, on Tuesday, August 30th, and lasted through Labor Day on the following Monday, September 5th. This festival, put on this year for the 17th time, is organized by and held at the Woodstock Museum located in the town of Saugerties, and is not to be confused with the Woodstock Film Festival, held in October in Woodstock itself (along with other locations). The Woodstock Museum festival features a series of films on a single screen, with showings beginning every evening at 6:30pm, except for Labor Day, when they begin at 12:00 noon. There were 38 films this year, a mix of feature length films, shorts, and documentaries, with either four or five films each evening, and ten films on Labor Day.

From the Woodstock Museum website: “View and critique independent films. Meet the filmmakers. Enjoy live music. Entries and spectators come from all over the world.”

The theme this year was “reality”. The festival is offered for free, as “a way to continue the Woodstock notion.”